Mdm Hajjah Mariati Johari with Mr S.R. Nathan, Ex President of Singapore Year 2002 and Honororee Enterpreneur Award 2016, was awarded The Finalist Malay/Muslim Enterprenearship Award by The Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce and Industries.

Born 1955

Qualification: Has studied in London for 12 years at:
London Institute of Aromatherapy – London,UK
The School of Holistic Aromatherapy – London,UK
Aromatherapy in Pregnancy & Childbirth – London,UK
Natural Womb-Fertility Massage Therapy – London,UK

Experiences: >25 years + Private Practising and Researched & Development
Has done many case studies and researched while practising in London and Singapore and now Practising own Private Aromatherapy Clinic, Conduct Workshops and Researched. Development of House Brand Products namely Mariati Aromatherapy

Mariati Aromatherapy Products has been in the market distributed locally and globally mainly Middle East, London and Canada and other regions.

Professional Practitioner
Professional Trainer
Local & International Training provider

Continuing Education – Advance & Comprehensive Course and Workshops
~ Holistic and Clinical Aromatherapy
~ Pregnancy & Childbirth (Pre & Post & Infant/Baby Massage)
~ Infertility/Conceiving & Self Fertility Massage
~ Aromatherapy & Massage ~ Anatomy & Physiology & Illnesses
~ Ex Nurse ~ Singapore General Hospital
~ Certified Aromatherapist & Bodyworks
~ Beauty & Skincare ~ Facial Skincare
~ Healing Massage
~ Womanhood & Manhood Care & Massage
~ Pregnancy & Childbirth Massage Practioner
~ Mind Power Practitioner
~ Reiki Energy Practioner
~ Electro Magnetic Field Technique Practioner
~ Local & Overseas Bodywork Therapist & Aromatherapist Assignments Upon Clients’ Request & Invitation

She conducted workshops, Talks and Seminar with Singapore National Libraries, Community Centres, Singapore Subordinate Court, Jurong Island Refineries, Hospitals, Hospics, Singapore Muslim Missionaries, Pregnancy & Childbirth, Singapore Anti Narcotic Association (Women Against Drug Abuse), Singapore Environment Council and Private Sectors.

Her long service awarded 10 years of Dedicated Voluntary Service To the Community by People’s Assciation was Appreciated.

Professional Advisors
1. Legal Advisor
2. Health Advisor