Advance Pregnancy & Childbirth-Womb Recovery-Fertility Massage Therapy Course

Mastering Advance Pregnancy & Post Natal | Womb Recovery Course
Massage Techniques and Skills

– To equip therapist with knowledge of fundamental theory and practical skills designed to understand the changes of three trimester pregnancy.
– To inform therapist the benefits of Pre Natal and relieve discomfort and preparation of labor during pregnancy.
– To prepare therapists with ample knowledge and skills for Pre-Natal, Post Natal and Baby massage and care for home and in-house services/workplace

Different pregnancies will experience different set of challenges during the 3 trimesters.

This course will equip therapist  with sufficient knowledge to manage these symptoms so that client will experience comfort and have a joyful journey during her pregnancy.

Equip with 3 Modules consist:
Fundamental the understanding of 3 trimester of pregnancy, Contra-indication, benefits of Jamu (traditional) and emmenaggogue oils and communication and marketing strategies.

Mastering Javanese Massage Techniques and Skills – Pre Natal,  Post Natal Massage, Corrective Massage,  Tummy Binding/Wrapping for normal/caesarean delivery, Baby Massage and Vaginal Spa Herbal Treatment.

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We welcome foreign Students and Overseas Training

Course Training Duration approx.: 80 hours
Assessment Duration: 3 hours

Full Time Approx 12 days – Monday to Friday ( 10.00am to 5 pm) 1 hour break lunch
Not included 3 hrs of Assessment

9th Batch – Full Time – Jan – February 2019
10th Batch – Full Time – April 2019
11th Batch – Full Time – July 2019
12th Batch – Full Time – August 2019
13th Batchn- Full Time – March 2020
14th Batch – Full time – August 2020
15th Batch – Full Time – August 2020
16th Batch – Full Time – Sept 2020
17th Batch – Full Time – October 2020
18th Batch – Full Time – 6 April 2021 –
Orientation 11th March 2021 at 11am to 1pm
6 September 2021 – Full Time

New Orientation November
Next Batch November 2021 – Full Time 

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Note: No Class during Public Holiday

How to enrol:
First email or submit your Contact Form between working hour 10am to 5pm, Singapore time (weekdays only) if you have further question.
Once you have been accepted onto the course, follow the set below:
– Check the correct deposit amount from the enclosed information sheet.
– Fill in the enclosed application form.
– Send your CV with passport photo, your completed and signed enrolment form and your cheque or NETS/Cash Receipts.


A STUDENT WORKBOOK –  will be given on commencement of class.
Other Reference books, Guide Books and Handbooks will be available for purchase.
MASSAGE COUCHES –  will be provided while on the course, but student are expected to acquire a massage couch for their personal practice outside the Institute.
TOWELS – To be brought by student  3 big  bath towels
JAMU MASSAGE OIL AND HERBALS COMPOUND INGREDIENTS (Complete Set) : Will be provided while on the course free.
Please ask for price list and order form on enrolment.

NOTES: No strict age limit minimum age 18 years of age maximum 60 years old