Benefits Of Aromatherapy:

Aromatherapy Essential Oils is not just about “stress and tension” it can be used for anxiety, doubt or fear, they can also be used to make a person more assertive, confident or creative. It goes very deeply into the psyche on all levels of human experience.

Essential Oils are nature’s pharmacopoeia, fully able to deal with the mind and body in all its aspects, a fabulous gift for us all. It allows to take control of your emotional wellbeing. These exquisite aromatic substances provide a rich treasury for human beings, in all their aspects of mind, body and spirit.

Each of every essential oils have its own vibration and frequency under each classification and characteristic as they are distilled from certain varieties of certain species of nature plants  eg. leaves, fruits, bark, resin, flowers,  herbs, roots etcs. These essential oils are precious and powerful concentrated substances  which   molecules working on the brain. Indeed, it is possible that the most highly evolved persons carry the abundant self-characteristic by choosing essential oils to enhance their well-being from negative to positive thinking, from sad to happy or joy, or sick to healthy and so on. This   essential oils molecules will give natural frequency to vibrate and stimulate the body, mind, mood and emotion as well as personality to balance their wellbeing physically and psychologically. Some may use as cosmetic, perfumery, food and drinks and of course essential oils are used as medicines.

Some may use as Inhalation- vaporizers, infusers, on tissue, steam inhalation, candles, lights bulbs, wood logs, and radiator.

Bathing – baths, Jacuzzis, showers, foot bath

Compress – Warm or cold

Massage – the most effective of all

Well-being is difficult to quantify, but essential oils can certainly help us discover it. However, whether for home use or for use in clinical setting, these essential oils have a long successful history of safe therapeutic use.