PREGNANCY MASSAGE Nurturing your body and growing baby is a vital part of addressing the body mind dynamic during your pregnancy. Pregnant woman experience posture changes with the centre of gravity shifting during pregnancy. This may lead to (lumbar lordosis) curvature of lower back and rounding shoulders resulting in lower back pain coupled with […]

Pre & Post Natal International Training May 2019 – China

We are in collaboration with NEWBORNS training and service /products provider in shenzhen-china with our specialized and professional training in prenatal and post natal and womb recovery massage, Our London trained practitioner has been recognized by doctors and post natal care centers in Shenzhen and Shanghai,china There will be more post natal/confinement centers coming up […]

PPIS Workshop – “Traditional Medicine Especially for senior Ladies” WIS @ Changi dated 22 February @ Di-anjur Oleh – PPIS

ALL LADIES WANT TO BE HEALTHY AND YOUNG ANTI-AGEING ESPECIALLY – RIGHT???????? This is another interesting topic about to maintain health and wellness or avoid example diebetic, high blood pressure, high cholesterol toward menopause, ageing, youthful. We highlighted the common traditional remedies or Jamu / natural herbals and the difference of each remedies. It’s properties […]

Miscarriage Post Natal & Womb Massage Therapy

A miscarriage happened when the pregnancy is lost spontaneously before 28 weeks. A most common symptom that would alert us to a possible miscarriage is Vaginal Bleeding. A Chemical Pewgnancy is a term used to described a very early miscarriage. It is usually occurs before the fifth week of gestation, or less than a week […]

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