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For Healing – Mind – Mood – Emotional, Mental, Physical – Spiritual Aromatherapy is the practice of using the extracted aromatic essences of specific plants, seeds, flowers, bark etc for healing purposes, or to promote well-being and health. It is widely perceived as being relaxing and non-invasive, and can be of help to some people when not used in place of conventional medicine.

High Quality and Potency * 100% Pure Concentrated * Essential Oils and Carrier Oils * Exotic Essential Oils * 100% Rose Essential Oil * 100% Rose Absolute * 100% Rose Concrete * 100% Rose Attar * 100% Rose Crude

CREATIVE BLENDING OF ESSENTIAL OILS When blending Essential and Carrier Oils it should be remember that Essential Oils differ in intensity. The most gentle oils are Rose, Chamomile and Sandalwood. Ylang Ylang, Mandarine and Geranium are more potent but in lower concentration make very good Face Oils. For single treatment blend 3-6 drops of Essential Oils with 10ml of Carrier Oil.

BLENDING Body: 10ml Base Oil to 6 drops of Essential Oils (3% with not more than 5 types of Essential Oils. Face: 5ml Base Oil to 2 drops of Essential Oils (2% with not more than 2 types of Essential Oils Usually 10ml to 15ml Base Oil for Full Body Massage

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