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We provide several services and program to suite your natural beauty, health and wellness from physical, mental, mood, personality, emotion of your inner being or head to toe. We use all natural raw and fresh botanical ingredients or 100% Pure Aromatherapy Essential Oils that is safe for infant, baby, children, pregnancy, afterbirth and adults.

Feeling a bit tired? fatigue?  Need to recover your shapely figure after giving birth? Or perhaps you would like to improve your sexual prowess?

Long ago men and women used to drink jamu juice bitterly which NOW our younger trend geneation hate to consume because of its bitterness and not knowing the benefits of its ingredients from botanic plants. Jamu recipes draw on the treasure trove of indigenous botanicals available in Indonesia including leaves, seeds, bark, roots, rhizomes, fruits, flowers and stems. Ingredients like cinnamon, fennel, mint, turmeric are added for flavourful as well as medicinal qualities. Jamu often tastes quite bitter, so it’s not for everyone. A hearty dose of honey helps. Likewise aromatherapy essential oils been processed by distillation.

There’s a jamu for you! There’s no time like the present to start your jamu routine, as prolonged regular use is advised for the most effective results in curing almost any bodily ailment. Perhaps you’re feeling just fine? You should still have a daily dose of jamu for prevention of cancer, liver cleansing and taming your inner free-radicals.

Jamu is a traditional Indonesian elixir, originated in Central Java centuries ago and now readily available across the archipelago. There are dozens of different tried and true formulas, with recipes passed down over generations. A handful of jamu formulas are most popular and consumed by the majority of Indonesians and malays and asians, daily for health and wellness.

The most common jamu usually added with   lots of turmeric, giving it a rich, orange opaque appearance and ginger, and honey or palm sugar to lend sweetness. These are suspended in boiled water. and mixed with fresh lime juice. Jamu is generally available for purchase in dry, powdered form as sachets to mix with water or pre-mixed by the bottle or glass.

With our special premium  formula blending of Enriched Jamu will give enhancement and prevent any ailment sells hot or cold jamu freshly.

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