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Before you start with the massage, treatment or program the consultant will ask you to fill up form for your lifestyle and  medical history or other health issues as is our practice to understand and to address your issues.

Our Consultant also is highly trained highly knowledgeable and experience and practising in her work for more then 30 years about aromatherapy that we use quality essential oils in our massage oils in aromatherapy in clinical, holistic approached also Pregnancy, Labour and Afterbirth/Confinement and Womb|Pre-conception and Fertility (Uterus, Ovaries and Fallopian tube and its ligament – Reproductive System)

What to Expect During an Aromatherapy Massage
Although you can find aromatherapy massage at almost every massage clinic or spa, the style of treatment, degree of customization, and the quality of essential oils varies widely.

Many massage therapists have one or more premixed blends and will select the blend based on your health concerns. A massage for relaxation and stress relief would likely include lavender essential oil, while an uplifting massage may include rosemary essential oil. Our therapist may involve you in the selection process by asking you to smell various blends.

Some massage therapists may add essential oils to massage oil immediately before each massage based on your unique condition or health goals.

The quality of the essential oils varies widely. Essential oils are different from oils made with synthetic scents which don’t have therapeutic effects. Our Consultant is highly trained highly knowledgeable about aromatherapy that we use quality essential oils in our massage oils.

Once the massage oil is selected, the therapist leaves the room so you can disrobe and lie on the massage table.

You will usually be asked to lie face down under a sheet. When the massage therapist begins the massage, you may notice the subtle aroma of essential oils.

Some massage therapists may add essential oils to massage oil immediately before each massage based on your unique condition or health goals.

After the massage, the massage therapist may suggest a blend that you can use at home in between massage treatments.

Tips to Make the Most of Your Massage:

  •  Avoid eating a meal right before a massage
  •  If it’s your first time at our Aromatherapy clinic & spa – Bekam, arrive early so you complete the necessary forms, Otherwise, you may want to give yourself some time to rest and relax before starting the massage.

A licensed massage therapist should take your health history or consultation before the massage.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, check with your doctor to see if this type of massage is safe for you. If it is, your doctor may also be able to recommend a licensed massage therapist who is certified in pregnancy massage.

Massage shouldn’t be done directly over bruises, skin rashes, inflamed or weak skin, unhealed wounds, tumors, abdominal hernia, or fractures. If a massage is painful, tell your massage therapist immediately.

If you have a health condition, you should consult your doctor before getting an aromatherapy massage. People with certain conditions, such as cancer, may need to avoid essential oils and/or massage at certain times during their treatment or avoid it altogether.

Final Thoughts
Aromatherapy with essential oil-scented massage oils and lotions may help to ease stress and anxiety. If you’re considering trying aromatherapy massage, it’s a good idea to talk with your healthcare provider first to discuss whether it’s appropriate for you.


All our Body Work Therapist are trained and assessed by our Consultant and has been practising and had since certified and qualified in their work.
In-House & House-Call Specializing in Pre-Natal & Post Natal, Baby Massage, Normal Massage, Womb Massage

Names of our Professional Therapists been trained.
Ms Mariani Johari
Ms Dewi
Ms Connie
Ms Suharti
Ms Marinah
Ms Azreenawaty
Ms Ruth Scholling
Ms Suharti
Ms Supiati
Ms Mulyati
Ms Kalsom
Ms Rasheeda
Ms Radiah
Ms Yuni
Ms Salbiah
Ms Steffi Kuhn Malz
Ms Loh Ma Ka
Ms Vivi Young

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