Pure Arnica 100% – 30ml


Arnica Oil Pure 100% – Arnica montana

The infused arnica oil is beneficial for muscle aches or injured muscles, sprains, bruises, dislocations, swelling due to fractures, trama to soft tissue, rheumatic pain, and inflammation from insect bites. It makes an excellent massage oil for sport injuries and sore muscles, as it helps to reduce bruising and relaxes tense muscles.

Arnica cream is great to keep in a plant based medicine chest.

As a carrier oil Arnica montana should not be used pure, if you have a pure oil always dilute in a 30/70 solution (use at least 70% or more of a 100% use carrier oil like almond or grapeseed).

Some Cautions to Consider

Arnica oil should not be used by pregnant women

It can cause skin irritation, such as eczema, peeling, blisters, etc, if used in a tropical preparation for an extended time.

It should not be used on broken skin.

If you are hypersensitive or allergic to this herb do not use.

Arnica is poisonous when taken internally, causing dizziness, tremors, and heart irregularities.

It can irritate the mucous membranes and cause vomiting.

It is fatal in large doses. (There is an exception when used in homoeopathic medicine where it is used in miniscule doses under the care of a physician.)


Pure Arnica 100% – 30ml


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