Post Natal | Confinement Massage Oil 250ml




To improve circulation to relieve excess water retention and winds – Relaxing thight & spam muscles – Prevent and enlightened stretch mark, varicose vein and anti cramps – To assist from built up adipose tissue fat, cellulite and obesity – To reduce swollen body and legs – To relieve stress and tension – To strengthened  uterus (Womb) and tightened vaginal muscles and ligaments – To shrink the uterus to normal size – Relax state of mind and restful sleep – Good for after-birth – Increase milk flow for nursing mother – Leave the body and skin healthy smooth and supple.

Natural Botanical Ingredients:
Rosmarinus officinalis,  Cuppressus semperviren and other active ingredients and carrier oils

No Cholesterol – No Preservative – No Additives
No Fragrance – Non Toxic – Non Irritant – No Allergy
Non Greasy/Sticky – No Alcohol

Store in Cool and Dark Place, Keep Out of
Children Reach – Safe for External Use Only

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Post Natal | Confinement Massage Oil 250ml


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