Post Natal & Womb Recovery Massage Aromatherapy – HOUSE VISIT


Aromatherapy or Jamu Massage Oils and herbal tummy paste ingredients has its special botanical healing properties and characteristic and it does not consist synthetic, additive, all natural to suit all level of individual mankind.

Its benefits to treat:
> It lifting and strengthening uterus and womb
> To tone and tightening the vaginal muscles and ligaments.
> To reduce fluid retention, excess wind and stimulate blood circulation.
> To increase flexibility of muscles and stretched nerves.
> To provide relaxation, reduce stress and tension and balance hormones.
> To induce good sleep.
> To boost milk production and improve lactation for nursing mother.
> Boost the womb|uterus for those undergoing fertility programs.
> Detoxfication and Trim the body

We have group of good certified and qualified body therapists to serve you either you are having natural or C-Sec Birthing.
Natural Birth – 5 days after discharged hospital
C-Sec Birth – 10 days after discharged hospital

Duration: 2.5 hours
Includes: Consultation & Transportation
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Post Natal & Womb Recovery Massage Aromatherapy – HOUSE VISIT

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