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WET/BLOOD BEKAM for Full  Body

Bekam provides better blood circulation, thyroid problems, early stages of cancer (such as lymphoma, leukemia), gall bladder problems, gastritis, hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, stroke, impotence, premature ejaculation etcs.

Benefits of usage of the Lancet or needle
1. Even though there are no cutting involve but poking, the effect of the lancet is still the same if administered properly by the bekam practitioner.
2. It is safer and so much less painful to the client. It only feels like an ant bite.
3. It heals faster, usually in within 1 weeks, a person is completely healed
4. More cups can be administered as needle only poke through the epidermis and is consistent, only drawing out toxic, septic blood and not real blood.
5. There are no permanent scarring.
6. All patients, irregardless of being diabetic or low blood count can do this sunnah i.e. diabetic type 1 & 2, skin psoriasis, eczema etc

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Bekam Al Hijama – Clinical

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